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    lvling from 3-172.



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    lvling from 3-172.

    Post  z0mg on Sat Dec 05, 2009 11:29 am

    Well at first you go to shops beside vannaka and you buy a iron scim and a rune scim.
    then you go to beggining training and get 40 attk, 40 str, and 40def (if your a pure dont lvl def) and you go to rock crabs till 60 attk ,str and def. then go to daggs till 75 attk str and def. then when you get that go to dharoks(in barrows) and kill those till 95 attk str and def. and if you want stay there till 99 attk str and def or go to pest control for more xp the portals have 250 hp ea and that gives you about 750k xp per round so its easy to get 99 of those.

    range: do rock crabs from 1-50 then go to dags till 50-75 then go to barrrows till 75-90 then pest control till 90-99.

    mage: get 5k airs, 1k eaths, 1k waters, 1k fires, 1k bloods, 1k deaths, 1k chaos, 1k souls, 50 mind runes, and then 1k of the other runes.
    go to rock crabs from 1-41, island from 41-70, then get ancients. then barrows from 70-85.
    then dag kings from 85-99.

    prayer: prayer is easy just get 5m cash and spend about 2.5m first just on dbones and put in your bank that might just get you about 95 prayer. and dont bury them use them on the altar that you recharge your prayer points. you can see it when you teleport home so use them on the altar to do so you right click and click use then you do that on the altar and that is how to get 99 prayer.

    I hope you liked my guide to lvl 172 and 99 everything.
    Sincerialy your moderator z0mg.

    xx danny xx

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    Post  xx danny xx on Sat Jan 02, 2010 6:04 pm

    max lvl 172 O.o i thought it was 126 if all stats max lvl were 99 even with summoning it's not possibe O.o i havn't play game so idk

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    Re: lvling from 3-172.

    Post  boran on Sun Jan 03, 2010 12:22 pm

    all stats max lvl is 135.. but the good thing is .. when u get next lvl at 98 then ur already 135... its like 99 Very Happy

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    Re: lvling from 3-172.

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